Railway cargo deliveries

Railway cargo deliveries

“KomkorTrans-Servis”Ltd. one of the major fields of our operations as transport-logistics group are cargo deliveries by railway.

What are the advantages of railway transport?

  • high cargo flow and turnover capacity
  • precise regularity of voyages
  • possibility of cargo delivery of any available type, almost any weight and dimensions in case of out of gauge and heavyweight cargoes
  • relatively low cost of railway shipment in terms of tonnage-distance-price coupled with high reliability
  • railway connections are highly effective in long distance cargo deliveries.


How do we operate?

 “KomkorTrans-Servis” Ltd. : we offer the following services in railway cargo deliveries.

  • container shipments on railway fitting platforms, including from China
  • over size and heavy weight cargo deliveries (agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, specialized machinery, large metal structures, etc.)
  • grouped consolidated cargo deliveries by railway (goods of different clients grouped in one wagon or container, which allows to reduce costs and transit times)
  • allocation of both inventory wagons of the railways property and private wagons
  • refrigerated railway wagons cargo deliveries


Our advantages:

  • railway cargo deliveries, employing specialized block-trains (Viking: Klaipeda-Odessa, Zubr, Eastern express: Shanhai-Moscow-Minsk-Hamburg)
  • cargo tracking on the whole route
  • customs operations assistance
  • direct routings China-Kazakstan-Russia-Belarus-Europe


Should you be interested in railway delivery options, please fill out our form online or contact us via our telephones and e-mails, listed on our website.

Our specialists will advise you on any aspects of the railway cargo deliveries. We are pleased to invite you to mutually-beneficial cooperation with our company. Please feel free to address your cargo deliveries request to our company.

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